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07 Jun 2013

There is nothing quite like the smell of a ripe, freshly picked black truffle. Its gets the food senses going and the imagination of ‘what am I going to cook with these little beauties’ runs wild!

On Friday we received our first delivery of new season Manjimup black truffles. They are beautiful…. full of that chocolatey earthy aroma that just sets the senses on fire! The use of the black truffle is limited only by the imagination of the cook. It can be used with food such as soup, seafood, game, veal, risotto and paellas, eggs and salads.

Some fun truffle facts:

  • The French black truffle is the fruit of the fungus “tuber melanosporum”, forming on the roots of oak and hazelnut trees. The truffle is then harvested in winter once matured, usually with the help of specially trained ‘truffle sniffer’ dogs!
  • The truffle hunting process is labour intensive and very time consuming, which can be attributed to
  • the high selling price.
  • To savour your fresh truffle flavour you should gently wrap your fresh truffle in absorbent paper towel and place in a dry, sealed container in the fridge. Avoid moisture at all costs! We also like to store our truffles in rice, which then takes on the wonderful flavours of the truffle and can turned into delicious risotto, paella or soups.
  • Manjimup truffles are available from now until late August only.
Truffles are addictive, delicious and unique. We love them! They are our name sake after all!
Enjoy truffle season everyone!
BT xx


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